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Elkstone composting toilet
With the increased use of Cotswold parish churches for concerts and other community events, one of the problems frequently encountered is absence of any toilet facilities. These are difficult to provide because of the huge expense involved in connecting to mains water, electricity and sewage. Elkstone parish church has recently overcome these problems by housing an eco-loo inside an oak timber building in our churchyard (GL53 9PD). We have chosen to build in “green oak” which means the eco-loo should still be standing for hundreds of years and still keeping an attractive natural appearance. The eco-loo itself was sourced from Finland and enables liquid waste to be mixed with water and used as a fertiliser for flowers and shrubs. The non-liquid waste is mixed in the toilet with other compostable materials for use as a general-purpose garden fertiliser.
Keywords: eco, loo, toilet, cotswold, elkstone, environment,
Duration: 5 minutes
Date Recorded: 07/20/2017

Looking for God
A straightforward explanation of the Good News that Jesus offers to everyone
Keywords: good news, seeking, finding, invitation, Trinity, purpose, selfishness, forgiveness
Duration: 3 minutes
Date Recorded: 08/14/2019

What is Christianity?
The message at the heart of Christianity is pretty simple. On this three-minute video, find out what it's all about. Turn on your speakers!
Keywords: Christ, Christianity, message, repent, Jesus, Father, Son, Holy Spirit
Duration: 3 minutes
Date Recorded: 11/03/2018

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